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What Happens if soemeone registers MY trademark in a foreign country

This is not good news. The othe one claiming name to your brand could strom you disturution , manufacturing and other activity in the...

Agreements Between Founders, Setting Up Your Business for Success

Legal disputes between founders can (and will) often erupt. (Even founders who happen to be best friends can quickly turn into worst enemies.) Simply...

How to go about a design patent

How do I create a unique product design? To accomplish this type of competitive "product branding", small businesses usually should keep a budget of between...

Difference between Stock and Founder shares

It becomes difficult to control contribution fairly when determining equity ownership when there are more founders. Other key employees should receive stock options, not...

To The Drawing Board: How To Get Your Patent Drawn

There are many ways to have your patent drawn. To figure out the best approach, gauge the complexity of your invention and decide whether...

To Find The Perfect Manufacturer – Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you have a great product but have no idea how to get it manufactured? That's okay because we have put together a few...

How To Build An E-Commerce Startup

As many people now prefer to shop online - e-commerce is a great business to be in. So if your up for taking advantage...

Filing Your Trademark Internationally

As your business grows, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your brand extends beyond the country in which you are located. Often times,...

How to design a logo in 10 steps

Designing a logo takes creativity of course but also some technique and ability to use logo design tools. No need to feel intimidated, you...

Fatdoor.com vs. Nextdoor.com trade secret theft case going to trial in federal court

San Francisco, Calif. – (April 25, 2014) –  In a blow to neighborhood social network Nextdoor.com, Inc. (http://www.nextdoor.com) and its venture fund Benchmark Capital (http://www.benchmark.com),...

Five Principles to Make a GREAT Logo

        A great logo identifies you to the public quickly and memorably to distinguish your business from your competitors. A great logo will visually convey...

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Trademark Your Domain

Trademarking your domain gives you the right to stop others from owning your name with different extensions. Trademarking your domain gives you the right to...

What is a great domain?

Suggestive of your business and philosophy. Distinctively identifies your brand. Descriptive domains may be good for SEO, but bad for distinguishing yourself. Generic...

Top Five Tips for Selecting a Great Domain Name

Think about what you do. Is your business the kind of service that you need to specifically convey in your domain? E.g.: WholeFoods.com,...

Why Use Trademarkia for Domain Registration?

Reserve Domains Trademarkia is the #1 source to protect the right domain name for your business. What is a domain name? It is your brand...

Domain Name Basics – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a domain name? A domain name is known technically as a "uniform resource locator" or "URL."  The domain name locates and identifies...

What is Apple’s Magic Trackpad?

Both marks have been cited against Apple's MAGIC TRACKPAD and the application was summarily rejected on the basis of similarity of the marks, similarity of the goods, and similarity of trade channels of the goods. Apart from this a disclaimer requirement is made of Apple for the mark MAGIC TRACKPAD as Registration Number 3197145 was for the mark MAGIC PANEL and the term “panel” was disclaimed.

Googling a word?

Google in bid to boost business and revamp its outreach to small and medium business owners; announced a set of new ads that would allow merchants and traders to list their businesses under the new Google places. This was its previous local business center that has got a new, revised look from Google.

Adobe Against Apple

Though what is more worthy to note is that Adobe may have given up on its plans to launch its ACROBAT MESSENGER, indicated by the abandonment of the mark due to cancellation under Section 8.

HP Networking announced

Not to be left behind, Cisco recently filed as many as 6 new trademark applications in the months of March and April. One of them was the application filed for the mark, CISCO UMI bearing serial number, 77969002 and description; "Telecommunication services; video and audio conferencing services; Internet services."

Geeks Have it Good

Take a look at this trademark application to protect the Binary Code! The mark is a series of 00's and 1's filed by Base2i Technologies Inc, filed with the description; Computer programming consultancy; Computer security consultancy; Computer software consulting; Consultancy in the field of software design; Consultancy with regard to webpage design; Consulting in the field of configuration management for computer hardware and software; Consulting in the field of information technology; among others.

Sony Files U.S. Trademark Application for ‘Kung Fu Rider’

Also, the term, The Fight: Lights Out, is likely going to be the official name for the upcoming PlayStation Move based-fighting game that is currently known by its working title, Motion Fighters.

Bacardi fights to the finish for Havana Club rum

Bacardi recently filed a trademark application bearing the registration number 77962118 with the description, Alcoholic beverages, namely, vodka, vodka specialty drinks, flavored vodkas and low-alcoholic vodka-based beverages.

Yahoo! files trademark application for “Its You” expression

So last week Yahoo! filed for a US trademark application bearing serial number 85005198 and filed with the description, promoting the goods and services of others by providing hypertext links to the web sites of others in the fields of news, weather, sports, current events, and reference materials; providing information in the field of national and international political news.

Apple’s Magic Mouse is Mighty Mouse

The trademark application for the apparent logo mark of MAGIC MOUSE, was assigned the serial number of 85008755 and filed with the description of Computer peripherals.

Apple and Amazon – Faceoff

Apple's iBooks application and iBookstore directly compete with Amazon's Kindle e-reader in price, and better features. Of "the 32 eBooks featured in the New York...

Apple’s iBooks over Other Ebook Applications

The argument against LCD ebook readers generally revolves around backlighting: Too much bombards the eyes and causes strain. In the iBooks application, the super-low brightness setting makes sense in an otherwise dark room. The Kindle app doesn’t have this control, and has to rely on the system setting, which is far brighter.

Apple delays launch of iPad

Apple had planned to begin selling the touchscreen multi-media device in late April in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland. The iPad went on sale in the United States on April 3. Our blog first reported the launch of the iPad and the controversy surrounding it.

Honda Motor Co trademark ruling

What is interesting is that all future 1 b applications may be reviewed for their applicants filing in light of the Board’s decision in Honda Motor. A trademark application in the United States that requires a declaration under oath that the applicant has a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce. This decision will also be of interest to parties to disputes involving such applications.

Google Adwords EU Court Ruling

However, the European Court of Justice did not shed light upon how, when and where should an advertiser indicate that the goods and/or services on offer are from the advertiser and not from a brand owner, when a trademarked keyword was employed by the advertiser. While the stance taken by the Court of Justice may not be legally binding on courts in Singapore, search engine advertising is likely to be adversely impacted globally as the European court's ruling questions the legitimacy of keyword search advertising, which lies at the core of a search engine marketing.

Legalzoom and EhealthInsurance’s partnership

Legalzoom appears to have abandoned its recent trademark application filed in November of 2009. This application seems to be abandoned on the applicant (Legalzoom's) express request as per the latest USPTO update. The mark contained the figure of a ice cube with the first aid kit sign of a plus on it bearing application number 77880320.

Tiger Woods and Trademarks

The application of TIGER WOODS bearing the trademark serial number of 75553982 filed with description, Computer game software featuring golf in the year 1998 would be celebrating its eleventh anniversary now.

Pepsi and Tata Tea plan health drinks

Also notable is that Pepsi Beverages, a division of PepsiCo, and Tampico Beverages have announced an agreement to distribute Tampico Plus fruit-flavored beverage products via PepsiCo's direct store delivery system in select US markets.


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