A Game of Mouse and Mouse

Deadmau5 and Mickey Mouse Trademark

  Earlier this week, the trademark registration for Deadmau5 (AKA “dead mouse”) was caught in a mouse trap with word of Disney sending in a letter to oppose the mark. Joel Zimmerman, electronic music DJ and owner of the stage name Deadmau5, instantly tweeted about the news saying that Mickey better “Lawyer up.” landed home to […]

Stefano Gabbana’s Knock-Off Frenzy on Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.18.02 PM

Stefano Gabbana, co-owner of  the high-fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana, posted five consecutive Instagram posts of  potential trademark infringers just yesterday. Potential infringers include: “Dance & Havana”  and “Dolce & Gipsy.”   Although these Instagram posts are paired with heart emojis ❤, Dolce & Gabbana may not be laughing too hard. We are weary of what […]

3 Ways To Strike Gold With Your Intellectual Property


  Once you have filed your patents, trademarks and copyrights you are attaining and acquiring exclusive rights to your unique ideas. In other words, you are creating intellectual property (or IP for short.) This newly acquired IP is a great way to fend off copycats, but it takes meticulous strategy and seamless execution to “strike […]

How To Deal With The Infamous Cyber Villain – “The Brandjacker”


When your startup has a recognized logo, your brand is a super brand with a special type of power. The type of power where you can place your logo somewhere and, without your brand having to say anything at all, a passerby will just know the promise that stands behind it. For example, you experience […]

Be There or Be Square – 5 Events Entrepreneurs Must Attend


These events are the ones that I will not hesitate to say, “If you are a serious entrepreneur you better be there or be square.”  Each event below is pivotal to attend throughout your startup’s lifecycle for the networking possibilities and learning experiences.  With these events, test the startups waters, launch your product or dive […]

How To Find Your Brand Story


There is a reason you can’t put that book down. As your eyes intently scan the words on the pages, something mysterious has happened.Your heart beats faster. Your palms become sweatier. Between the lines of black ink you have developed an intense emotional connection with this book. If you have traveled to this paradise before […]

How To Make Your Idea Come To Life In 7 Steps


In many ways, your aha moment is like an egg. Thee egg’s thin outer shell is symbolic of your split second of inspiration. The opportunity of life inside resembles the potential of your idea. At this fragile moment, you have one of two choices. You can either let negative thoughts crack your idea’s fragile lining […]

Determine If Your Startup is Scaleable & Find Out Why It Matters?


  Many entrepreneurs seem to be attracted to the idea of running an ambitious, scaleable startup that sustains exponential growth. This is a flashy concept, but the fact is, that a majority of startups are happy to be a self-sustaining mom and pop. According to the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration), Over 50% of the […]

10 Web Apps To Help Startups Get Up & Running


Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You have to be able to manage multiple aspects of a business at once. Try out these 10 online tools to help you with 10 startup business essentials.   1. Incorporate Your Business Incorporating your business is a huge step in forming your startup.  With the Incorporation Wizard structure […]

10 Clever Logo Designs | Branding Inspiration


  A clever logo design and name is sometimes easier said than done – especially for the left-brained entrepreneur, founder, or co-founder. So how do you find your brand’s unique flavor? Start your logo design in 3 easy steps It’s imperative that you try to think out of the box and sometimes a bit nutty is good. Ironically, The Nutty […]