3 Tips – How To Use ™ & ® Correctly


So you have a logo and you are about to create a website. The web designer asks you: “Should we put the ™  or ® next to the logo?” You scratch your head in uncertainty. That’s ok, a lot of new business owners forget all about this little symbol at the end of their logo. After […]

8 Steps On How To Sell Your Idea


You may be keen on coming up with ideas, but may not want to run a business or have the financial resources to do so. That’s okay because there is still a ton of value in a great invention; the only catch is that you need to be able to sell (or license your idea.) […]

I Have a Good Idea – How Do I Protect It?


As you grow your business you must begin to reveal information to investors, clients, employees to name a few. As you start this process, you may become increasingly worried that someone may steal your company’s unique business idea. This feeling is extremely valid, although, do not curl up into a ball too much because keeping […]

Filing Your Trademark Internationally


As your business grows, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your brand extends beyond the country in which you are located. Often times, protection of your trademark in just the United States is not enough for companies that do business abroad. Trademarks are national rights and independent from country to country, and region to […]

3 Trademark Tips From Taylor Swift


Before Taylor Swift’s “1989″ album sold 1.2 million copies in the first week, the pop star filed a trademark for some of her most popular sayings from the album including: “This Sick Beat,” “Nice to Meet You. Where You Been” and “Party Like It’s 1989.”  Her choice to trademark these phrases makes this pop star […]

How To Have a Good Relationship With Your Co-founder


  You and your co-founder have a relationship and it’s complicated. Along with maintaining a friendship, you have to to discuss money problems and make huge business decisions together. Because we love fairy tale endings where co-founders live happily ever running a successful startup, we have congregated a few tips on how you and your […]

Did You Know? You Can Trademark More Than Just a Logo, Name or Slogan.


Trademarks are meant to protect and distinguish your brand’s unique identity. So if you think about it, it really makes sense that there are other things you can trademark aside from your logo, name or slogan. Here is a list of some other things that you can trademark to protect your brand including a few […]

How To Fund Your Startup – A Beginner’s Guide


You have a great idea for a startup but your piggy bank is empty. Do not let this this predicament cause you to give up your dream! Here are a few ways that you can line your pockets with that beautiful shade of green.   Get a bank loan A bank loan is a sure […]

7 Tips On How To Create A Strong Trademark


A brand name will help you stand out from the competition but ask yourself this: “Will my brand name stand through the trademark registration process?” This is a very important question to ask yourself because if your brand name isn’t eligible to trademark you may have to rebrand all over again! So how do you […]

11 Tips On How To Throw A Startup Launch Party


Glitter, balloons, people laughing and people mingling – you can see it now. So how do you make your dream launch party a reality? Here are 11 tips on how:   1. Justify the “drinks on the house” as well spent cash. It would be considered faux pas to charge your guests an entrance fee […]