Just a few reasons to be happy you filed with Trademarkia

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An infographic to be proud of.      

Who Loves Your Brand?

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Don’t let your brand’s lovers remain secret admirers… instead make it into a fully-fledged love affair! If you nurture the relationship well, you will find that your brand’s lovers will be more likely to spread beaming remarks about your brand. See the three different types of lovers below and also how to strengthen your bond […]

Little Fish, Watch Out For These Sharks: Top 25 Biggest Trademark Bullies


Imagine a small business happily and peacefully using its registered trademark.  No one bothers this small business because they are using their trademark within the bounds of trademark law. One day, a trademark bully feels threatened by the smaller business and sends a threat of litigation requesting the small business stops using the trademark. Out of […]

To The Drawing Board: How To Get Your Patent Drawn


There are many ways to have your patent drawn. To figure out the best approach, gauge the complexity of your invention and decide whether you will you draw it yourself or seek the help of a computer program or professional? Read about the most common ways inventors will get there patents drawn below:   Do […]

Time For A Logo Update? Here Is What’s Trending Now


If your logo feels outdated, get up to speed with these logo design trends.   File a trademark     The Polygon – Strength and Structure Along with being on trend with this hip shape, the polygon also portrays some obvious personality. The sharp rigid edges portray strength and the conjoining edges illuminate structure in […]

How To Find Value In Your Patent

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So your patent is up for sale but what should the price tag read? The most common patent valuation method is the economic-analysis method. See how to find the value in your patent below using this method below…   Cost approach This approach considers the patent value at face value. This means that whatever it cost […]

How To Take The Leap of Faith & Launch A Startup


You want to launch a startup but you haven’t done it yet. Well, what are you waiting for? Maybe you are intimidated or nervous about all of the obstacles and things that you have to do to run a startup. If so, here a few tips on how to make this leap of faith (decision to […]

Before Starting A Startup

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Written by Raj V. Abhyanker Founder of Trademarkia As both an attorney and entrepreneur, I have personally experienced the common struggles that the brave, new business owner of the 21st century faces. Through these experiences I’ve found that while some pitfalls are experienced more frequently, many of them are completely avoidable if you actually know what to prepare for […]

Some Tips On How To Make Your Brand Stand Out


Branding is important in launching any business. After you have created a logo and came up with imagery and consistent messaging, how do you make your brand stand out from the rest? Here are a few tips on how to make your brand unique and memorable for your customers. Name your customers This is a […]

To Find The Perfect Manufacturer – Ask Yourself These Questions


Do you have a great product but have no idea how to get it manufactured? That’s okay because we have put together a few questions to ask yourself to help you find the best manufacturer for the job. See them below: Domestic or oversees? Overseas isn’t always the answer just because it is often cheaper. There […]