Apple Patent Whispers Potential For Earbud Improvements

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Apple is the conductor of the new generation of music directing the way music is published, purchased and consumed as the inventor of iTunes and the iPod along with its recent $3 billion acquisition of the Beats brand. With music running through Apple’s veins, why does Apple’s passion for music not stream down through the […]

May The Force Be With Your Brand

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The right brand partnership is a force to reckon with. It can lead to significant buzz for your brand and also allow for your brand to send a unique message. Be inspired by the Star Wars x CoverGirl campaign promoting the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is really out-of-this-world cool. Look out for the stunning visuals, catchy branded […]

Brand Goes To The Moon

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In an ultimate marketing stunt, Japanese company Otsuka Pharmaceutical, will send its Pocari Sweat sports drink to the moon by October of this year. What makes this space mission so unique is that, if successful, it will be the first consumer product to travel so far to promote itself.  You may be wondering how this unsuspecting company […]

How To Properly Use A Trademark In Ad Copy

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You have came up with an awesome creative idea for your advertisements (something as epic as the “Got Milk” campaign maybe?) Before you send it off to be printed, you check to see that it looks perfect and you check everything. Aside from checking that the colors are correct and that the image isn’t blurry, one […]

A Roadmap To Help You Develop A Strong Brand


A strong brand consists of a compilation of seamless, concise and effective communications across many customer touch points including product packaging, logo designs, social media platforms, email campaigns, advertisements, slogans, tag lines…etc. If done right, a brand can be a powerful communication tool for any company or startup. After all, a logo can easily say 1,000 […]

Just a few reasons to be happy you filed with Trademarkia

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An infographic to be proud of.      

Who Loves Your Brand?

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Don’t let your brand’s lovers remain secret admirers… instead make it into a fully-fledged love affair! If you nurture the relationship well, you will find that your brand’s lovers will be more likely to spread beaming remarks about your brand. See the three different types of lovers below and also how to strengthen your bond […]

Little Fish, Watch Out For These Sharks: Top 25 Biggest Trademark Bullies


Imagine a small business happily and peacefully using its registered trademark.  No one bothers this small business because they are using their trademark within the bounds of trademark law. One day, a trademark bully feels threatened by the smaller business and sends a threat of litigation requesting the small business stops using the trademark. Out of […]

To The Drawing Board: How To Get Your Patent Drawn


There are many ways to have your patent drawn. To figure out the best approach, gauge the complexity of your invention and decide whether you will you draw it yourself or seek the help of a computer program or professional? Read about the most common ways inventors will get there patents drawn below:   Do […]

Time For A Logo Update? Here Is What’s Trending Now


If your logo feels outdated, get up to speed with these logo design trends.   File a trademark     The Polygon – Strength and Structure Along with being on trend with this hip shape, the polygon also portrays some obvious personality. The sharp rigid edges portray strength and the conjoining edges illuminate structure in […]