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New York Times Recognizes Trademarkia...

New York Times Recognizes Trademarkia for Small Business Solutions
Trademarkia has been featured in the New York Times! Small Business blog, You're The Boss, debuted an article by Jessica Bruder about Trademarkia's innovative approach to the trademark processing. Below is an excerpt from the New York Times Interview about Trademarkia: At Trademarkia, “We want to make applying for a trademark as [...]

Trademarking the Tracks of the Twenty...

Trademarking the Tracks of the Twenty-First Century
  Technological advancement in the 21st century is truly a marvel of human ingenuity and occurs at such a rapid rate that often times new technologies are outdated before any sort of intellectual property rights can even be granted to their respective owners.  Barring the unfortunate instances when this occurs, protecting these tech [...]

Mark Madness

Mark Madness
Working in the intellectual property business, there are some things you can always rely on happening: trademark bullies, large companies trying to hide their trademark filings, and the “flavor of the month” trademark applications.  We saw it with Charlie Sheen, with Occupy Wall Street, and now it seems there is a new tradema [...]

The United States Patent and Trademar...

The United States Patent and Trademark Office Posts Warning Regarding Non-USPTO Solicitations
The United States Patent and Trademark Office has posted a public warning regarding non-USPTO Solicitations that resemble Official USPTO Communications. The warning can be found here, and is also shown below. Be aware that private companies not associated with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) often use [...]

Trademark Bully: Opportunistic Letter...

Trademark Bully: Opportunistic Letter Senders Get Sued
reprinted by permission from Benjamin Ashurov at www.TrademarkBully.com In what many professionals in the trademark field consider to have been long overdue, a lawsuit has been filed against USA Trademark Enterprises, Inc. of Sarasota, Florida. USA Trademark Enterprises is one of numerous companies that use publicly available U.S. Patent [...]
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