Subway Introduces Fresh, New Logo


subway's old logo design


Subway’s New Logo

On Friday, the popular sandwich chain released a minimalistic logo to be the face of the new and improved Subway that promises to meet the “changing tastes of their guests.”

An updated logo is a great way to bring on this fresh start.

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Subway  is coming out with a new healthier menu and beginning to introduce antibiotic-free meets. Along with this, the foot-long sandwich company is catering to changing tastes in how guests interact with Subway by entering the digital space with Subway Digital.

“The world has changed,” says Carman Wenkoff, chief information officer and chief digital officer at Subway. “The customer experience starts outside of the restaurant now—not inside.”

As with entering the digital space, the logo is two parts – a traditional sized logo and a smaller, more compact logo.

This is not the first famous brand to redesign their logo this year, Google lead the pack with their new logo with several variations in order to fit all different screen sizes too.

Subway new symbol design Subway hopes these  branding efforts and new changes will pave the way for future success as the company’s sales had dropped 3.4% in 2015 reports Food Business News.

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