5 Reasons Why Trademarks Are A Must


why do i need a trademark for my logo

Think about how many laundry services are called “Laundry.” If you are like me, one pressed shirt is as good as the next so why should I switch my routine to come to just another “Laundry” service? (Especially if  “that one” asking for my business is a block further from my house?)

Here are five reasons why a registered trademarked logo and slogan is the answer for the inconspicuous laundry service to become the most recognized in the business and not the metaphorical, “lost sock.”


1. Easy way to stand out

Competition is rampant in every industry. A trademarked name and logo are going to be one of your best weapons (and the weapon simplest to attain) to stand out amongst the clutter. You can file a trademark for only $159 (+goverment fees).


2. Avoid any slogan wars

You can say whatever you want about your business, but if it’s not a trademarked slogan, your competition will end up copying it, and a slogan war could erupt. Like gunfire, you will say, “We are the best!” and your competition will say right back, “No, we are!” This type of promotion is annoying because it is not original and just plain repetitive. Nothing said is uniquely memorable for your customers to appreciate. So come up with a unique slogan to trademark so you can avoid this type of standoff.


3. Communicate a concise message

A few words can pack a lot of punch. Airbnb’s slogan, “Belong Anywhere” solidly conveys that Airbnb is more than just about renting spaces. Airbnb also makes you feel at home wherever you go. Value the few words that communicate your company’s unique message and be sure to trademark them.

Potentially more powerful is a symbol or logo. Everyone around the world recognizes the Nike “swoosh” to be a motivation to be more athletic (all different languages aside).  If you have a symbol that works well to communicate your brand, be sure to trademark that as well. Also, imagine how your logo or symbol can be perceived as a communication tool globally and register your trademark in other countries too. 


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4. Customers will search for your trademark online

When someone has heard the word of your trademarked brand name, they can easily search and find your company on Google, Yelp, Twitter and Facebook too!

Imagine them typing, “Laundry service in Mountain View” in Google’s search engine for example. It’s less likely your laundry service will pop up; you may find yourself lost in the sock pile of competition. So try to create a uniquely memorable name that peaks people’s interest to search for you on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else your company is listed online.


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5. Trademarks are a valuable asset

The more your trademarked brand gains a good reputation and following, the more valuable your trademark can become and the more power you will have.

If your mark is strong, customers will likely willingly follow you into a new product category. For instance, Crest toothpaste has a loyal following. The company of course easily began to sell Crest floss, and Crest mouth wash too. Think of the opportunity you could create for your business if you could gain a reputation for your brand currently. Where might your business be able to expand? What products could your brand also potentially carry?

Furthermore, a larger corporation may see the value in your established brand and seek to purchase or license your trademarked brand.

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