Apple Files Trademark Application for iTunes Kit

Apple’s new iTunes Kit content has been built using the open web standards: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using a new framework Apple calls TuneKit. The new media authoring framework is referenced repeatedly within the iTunes Extra component files.


Considering that Apple has created the iTunes content which reference the HTML meta tags “hdtv-fullscreen” and “hdtv-cursor-off.” that strongly indicate that it was geared towards Apple TV; it  comes as no surprise then that Apple has filed for a trademark application for the mark “TUNEKIT” (see image above).
The “TUNEKIT” application has been assigned the serial number – 85031150 and was filed with the description; Computer software to enable users to program and distribute audio, video, text and other multimedia content via communications networks.
Apart from their filing of this new trademark application, Apple has also been posting tools (as reported on Apple Insider) for the building of the iTunes Kit, LP’s and other accessories.

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