Apple’s Magic Mouse is Mighty Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse
Apple Magic Mouse

The pebble-like white mouse doesn’t have any visible buttons neither a scroll-ball, for a moment, we literally thought how it is going to work. The Magic Mouse measures around 4.5-inches long and 2.13-inches wide, rising 0.93-inches off the table. Sitting like a cute curvaceous pebble, it couldn’t put a stop on our temptation to praise its beauty.

But on trying it for the very ‘first’ time, our palm couldn’t ease up on its smooth body because of its bitty and low profile. If you like to execute your daily grind with your palm breezing on your mouse then you may be disappointed with this particular factor. You cannot use your three fingers at a time as it doesn’t have enough space to let your fingers drowse.

The trademark application for the apparent logo mark of MAGIC MOUSE, was assigned the serial number of 85008755 and filed with the description of Computer peripherals.

Also Apple has filed for patents for smart device covers that would add at least one electronic function to traditional skins, allowing not only protection of the device, but augmentation of the devices capabilities.

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