Past Contributors

Devan Orr


DEVAN ORR, is an Associate Trademark Attorney at LegalForce RAPC. She specializes in trademark filing and registration. Outside of work, she loves traveling, reading, and hiking.

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Josh Whitfield Past Contributors


JOSHUA WHITFIELD, was a customer service manager at LegalForce RAPC from July 2013 to July 2016.  

Joshua is a San Francisco Bay Area native and early contributer to the LawInspiring blog. His current interests include dismantling the patriarchy while researching sustainable agriculture practices on his family’s ranch in the east bay hills.

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Philip Pipkins Past Contributors

PHILLIP J. PIPKINS, worked in marketing at LegalForce. In 2012 he received his Bachelors in English as well as Film & Media from Arizona State University.

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Maria Orlova Past Contributors

MARIA ORLOVA, was an intellectual property legal assistant at LegalForce RAPC from May 2012 to April 2013. 

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 TREA ERDMANNis a designer specializing in advertising, marketing and branding.

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