What is Apple’s Magic Trackpad?

Both marks have been cited against Apple's MAGIC TRACKPAD and the application was summarily rejected on the basis of similarity of the marks, similarity of the goods, and similarity of trade channels of the goods. Apart from this a disclaimer requirement is made of Apple for the mark MAGIC TRACKPAD as Registration Number 3197145 was for the mark MAGIC PANEL and the term “panel” was disclaimed.
protect intellectual property

It’s Time to Protect Your IP From Your Own People

When an insider by the use of technology, steals the proprietary information from the company it is said to be an insider’s theft. One...

Recently Filed Trademarks – March 2016

INNOVATUS Wine Read more EPAYMENT Electronic cash transactions Read more KNC BEAUTY Cosmetic masks; Cosmetic preparations; Cosmetics; Non-medicated lip care preparations Read more EBANK Electronic cash transactions Read more CM CONTINUE MISSION Charitable...

Zynga and Facebook sign Pact for 5 years

Zynga Networks has filed a trademark application on May 12th which was assigned the serial number - 85037169. This application was filed with description as noted here, "Computer game software; video game programs; and computer software platforms for social networking; interactive video game programs; downloadable electronic game programs and computer software platforms for social networking that may be accessed via the internet, computers and wireless devices; computer software to enable uploading, posting, showing, displaying, tagging, blogging, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information in the fields of virtual communities...."
USPTO Fee Increase

USPTO Trademark Fee Increase

Important Trademark News:  If you need a trademark, you may want to file before January 14, 2017.  USPTO fees are going up. On January 14,...

Apple ‘s trademark application for iTUNES DOWNLOAD receives refusal

Apple's mark "TUESDAY 9" is yet to be assigned to an examiner for review. The mark "TUESDAY 9" was filed by Computer software for personal information management, data synchronization and sharing, automated reminders, and event scheduling and was assigned the serial number 85033749.

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Domain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the fashion industry and it is yet to be seen how it will influence merchandiser experiences, advertising campaigns,...
Star Wars suing

Litigious One You Are Lucasfilm

On December 16, 2016 Disney is releasing a new Star Wars film titled "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”   While this movie is not...

Bacardi fights to the finish for Havana Club rum

Bacardi recently filed a trademark application bearing the registration number 77962118 with the description, Alcoholic beverages, namely, vodka, vodka specialty drinks, flavored vodkas and low-alcoholic vodka-based beverages.

Trademark News – Recently Filed Trademarks

    Trademarkia just published the most recently filed trademarks. See the list below including BRAINSTREAM, UNLOCK HOME and HOP NINJA. If you are looking to...
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Announcement: New Manufacturing Feature on Trademarkia

LegalForce Trademarkia now helps small businesses design their products and take them to market!  For just $199, we will help you get bids from our network...

What’s In a Name?: The Jose Mourinho Trademark Saga

In May 2016 Jose Mourinho was named as the manager for Manchester United Football Club.  During this announcement, it was revealed that his name...

The Battle for Budweiser

In 1795 a group of German settlers has established a new brewery named Budweiser Bürgerbräu in a town of České Budějovice (Budweis in German),...

Apple announces iPhone 4, uses iOS and FACETIME trademarks for new iPhone

Today is an interesting and memorable day for FaceTime. Earlier, Apple introduced their next generation iPhone and announced that it will use "FaceTime" as the trademark for its new video calling application...Our agreement with Apple to transfer the FaceTime trademark to them comes as we are rebranding our company to better reflect our capabilities.

Apple abandons Trademark filings of “VISUAL ALMANAC”, “MPW” and “TOKENTALK”

The application of VISUAL ALMANAC filed with number 73755058 was cancelled on grounds of section 8 thus leaving it open to the majority of the public to use the mark for their goods or services.

Stefano Gabbana’s Knock-Off Frenzy on Instagram

Stefano Gabbana, co-owner of  the high-fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana, posted five consecutive Instagram posts of  potential trademark infringers just yesterday. Potential infringers include: "Dance...

Bank of America files “Advisor Alliance” trademark

The TEAS Plus application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the description, "Financial administration of retirement plans; Financial planning for retirement; Financial portfolio management; Investment advice. " under the category of Insurance and Financial Services. The mark was filed as an Intent to Use Application so quite likely that one may notice a certain service by name of this mark being rolled out in the near future.
Indian law

Top 3 IP Cases to Watch in India – 2017

Today we turn our attention to the Indian subcontinent to round out our series on top IP cases. Toyota v. Prius Auto: Delhi High Court reverses...

If A Monkey Takes A Selfie – Who Owns It?

  In case you haven’t heard, everyone is going bananas over this Indonesian crested black macaque's selfie. First, people thought it was cute when the photo...

Apple Patent Whispers Potential For Earbud Improvements

Apple is the conductor of the new generation of music directing the way music is published, purchased and consumed. With music running through Apple's...

2017: The Year of Colors in Trademark Law

Trademarking a color might seem unusual but it's not impossible. The main function of a trademark is that it helps in identifying a source...

Apple’s Magic Mouse is Mighty Mouse

The trademark application for the apparent logo mark of MAGIC MOUSE, was assigned the serial number of 85008755 and filed with the description of Computer peripherals.

The Impact of Brexit on Trademarks in the UK

In June 2016 the UK voters decided in a referendum to leave the European Union.  (Also known as "Brexit.") The process of the UK’s...

HP Networking announced

Not to be left behind, Cisco recently filed as many as 6 new trademark applications in the months of March and April. One of them was the application filed for the mark, CISCO UMI bearing serial number, 77969002 and description; "Telecommunication services; video and audio conferencing services; Internet services."

Warner Bros files Trademark Applications for “SCRIBBLENAUTS”

The other applications for the same mark "SCRIBBLENAUTS" were filed under Clothing for men, women and children bearing serial number 85043160, another filed under Toys and sporting goods assigned serial number 85043164

Apple receives refusal for its Trademark Applications “OPENCL”

The OPENCL trademark application filed under number 77844718 (black and white logo) also received its second Office Action Letter from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

It’s Hook and Loop, Not Velcro!: A Discussion of Trademark Genercide

You may have noticed the video “Don’t Say Velcro” trending on your social media platforms this week. The video, produced by Velcro® Brand’s legal...

Yahoo’s Patent Portfolio Is Up For Sale With A Pretty Big Price Tag

Financially ailing Yahoo, presently entertaining bids to sell its Web and Asian assets, has in its financial arsenal technology patents valued as high as...

Honda is refused the Easy Dock Steering Trademark

Thus, the Trademark office has enquired of Honda to submit a substitute specimen showing the mark in use in commerce for each class of goods and/or services specified in the application; and a statement that says " The substitute specimen was in use in commerce at least as early as the filing date of the application", verified with an affidavit or signed declaration under 37 C.F.R. §2.20.

Top Trademark Attorneys

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) is a government agency and a branch in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The primary role...
IP legislation

IP Legislation Wish List for 2017

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article represent that of the author and the contributors who have been quoted, and are not the official...
Amazon rings 1

Can Amazon Trademark Alexa’s blue rings?: PART 1

Part-1- The USPTO Application analysis Almost three years back, in the year 2014, Amazon Technologies Inc. (Amazon) introduced Amazon Echo, popularly known as Echo. Echo...

Top Trademark Bullies for 2015

  The list is in for the biggest trademark bullies for 2015 was just published by Trademarkia. First place is Monster Energy Company followed by...

Xerox Corporation abandons Trademark Application for “722 SOLUTION”

Xerox Corporation has abandoned its trademark application for the mark, "722 SOLUTION" bearing serial number 77700669. This application was filed with the description, "Laser printers, computer printers, inkjet printers."
super hero

Whose License is it Anyway?

A good superhero movie in the Hollywood can command an average budget of anywhere between 100 Million and 250 million. This isn’t surprising because...
harley davidson sues urban

Harley-Davidson sues Urban Outfitters for $2 Million

Harley-Davidson sues multinational clothing company Urban Outfitters.  Feel like deja vu to anyone?  Probably because this isn’t the first time Harley-Davidson has sued Urban...
Europe Google

Google Hit with $2.7 Billion Antitrust Fine by EU Regulators

On Tuesday, June 27th, European Union regulators fined Google approximately $2.7 billion (2.4 billion euro) for violation of the EU’s antitrust laws. It was...

Caitlyn Jenner Files to Trademark Her Name

Caitlyn Jenner has taken the preemptive move to protect the use of her name as she contemplates starting a cosmetic line, according to TMZ.com The...

Adobe Against Apple

Though what is more worthy to note is that Adobe may have given up on its plans to launch its ACROBAT MESSENGER, indicated by the abandonment of the mark due to cancellation under Section 8.

Bank of America files “MOREHELP2” trademark

The TEAS application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the description, "Financial services, namely, insurance agency and brokerage services, real estate financing services, real estate investment services, real estate management services, real estate agency and brokerage services, security and commodity brokerage and dealing services, underwriting mortgage lending, investment banking, mortgage banking, financial management services and financial advisory services, namely, financial analysis and consultation." The serial number assigned to it is 85043528 under the USPTO records.