March Madness

Marching Towards Madness (and Away From TM Liability)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! For many Americans, the month of March is synonymous with kites or St. Patrick's Day or flowers...
IP legislation

IP Legislation Wish List for 2017

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article represent that of the author and the contributors who have been quoted, and are not the official...

Nivea Lip Care No More

Do we see a new name for Nivea lip balms this year? What happened to making "...2010 a Year of Love, Hugs and Kisses"?

Legalzoom and EhealthInsurance’s partnership

Legalzoom appears to have abandoned its recent trademark application filed in November of 2009. This application seems to be abandoned on the applicant (Legalzoom's) express request as per the latest USPTO update. The mark contained the figure of a ice cube with the first aid kit sign of a plus on it bearing application number 77880320.
Trademark Oppositions

Companies Who Filed the Most Trademark Oppositions in 2016

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) is a government agency and a branch in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The primary role...

Apple delays launch of iPad

Apple had planned to begin selling the touchscreen multi-media device in late April in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland. The iPad went on sale in the United States on April 3. Our blog first reported the launch of the iPad and the controversy surrounding it.

Apple files iTunes Live Trademark

Coming back to the mark of “iTunes Live” (see image up top) the application was filed under two separate classes with the following descriptions; - Online retail store services in the field of entertainment featuring prerecorded musical, audio and audiovisual content - Entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting of concerts and live musical performances.

Tiger Woods and Trademarks

The application of TIGER WOODS bearing the trademark serial number of 75553982 filed with description, Computer game software featuring golf in the year 1998 would be celebrating its eleventh anniversary now.

Bank of America files “Advisor Alliance” trademark

The TEAS Plus application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the description, "Financial administration of retirement plans; Financial planning for retirement; Financial portfolio management; Investment advice. " under the category of Insurance and Financial Services. The mark was filed as an Intent to Use Application so quite likely that one may notice a certain service by name of this mark being rolled out in the near future.

Subway Introduces Fresh, New Logo

    Subway's New Logo On Friday, the popular sandwich chain released a minimalistic logo to be the face of the new and improved Subway that promises...

Apple Patent Whispers Potential For Earbud Improvements

Apple is the conductor of the new generation of music directing the way music is published, purchased and consumed. With music running through Apple's...

The Occupational Capitalists of Occupy Wall Street: Does Greed Know No Boundaries?

We’ve all seen the news feeds documenting the Occupy Wall Street movement, people sitting in the blistering cold of the New York City winter...

What The iPhone 6 May “Actually” Look Like – According To Patents Filed

Speculations have developed about the new iPhone 6 that portray the new phone to potentially look out of this world. Ideas range from floating...

Apple files for trademark protection for Retail Outlet

The trademark applications with serial numbers 85036990 and 85036986 were filed for two sketches - one in full color and the other in black and white with the description, "Retail store services featuring computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, consumer electronics and related accessories, and demonstration of products relating thereto."

Wrigley Co. abandons Trademark Application “5”

Wrigley Co has abandoned as many as 4 Trademark Applications on May 24th 2010. The applications are for the marks, "5" bearing serial number 78947186 filed with description Confectionery, namely, chewing gum, bubble gum, candy and candy mints.

Honda is refused the Easy Dock Steering Trademark

Thus, the Trademark office has enquired of Honda to submit a substitute specimen showing the mark in use in commerce for each class of goods and/or services specified in the application; and a statement that says " The substitute specimen was in use in commerce at least as early as the filing date of the application", verified with an affidavit or signed declaration under 37 C.F.R. §2.20.

Pepsi and Tata Tea plan health drinks

Also notable is that Pepsi Beverages, a division of PepsiCo, and Tampico Beverages have announced an agreement to distribute Tampico Plus fruit-flavored beverage products via PepsiCo's direct store delivery system in select US markets.
Amazon online

Coming Soon: Amazon’s New Brand Registry

Good news for those of you who sell goods on! Amazon is launching an initiative next month to remove knock-off stuff from its...

Apple’s iBooks over Other Ebook Applications

The argument against LCD ebook readers generally revolves around backlighting: Too much bombards the eyes and causes strain. In the iBooks application, the super-low brightness setting makes sense in an otherwise dark room. The Kindle app doesn’t have this control, and has to rely on the system setting, which is far brighter.

Bank of America is refused Trademark Application for “ART IN OUR COMMUNITIES”

Bank of America has now received the first Office Action for the Trademark Application "ART IN OUR COMMUNITIES" bearing serial number 85007327. A descriptive mark is often issued a Section 2(e)(1) refusal as the applied-for mark merely describes a feature or function of applicant’s services.
harley davidson sues urban

Harley-Davidson sues Urban Outfitters for $2 Million

Harley-Davidson sues multinational clothing company Urban Outfitters.  Feel like deja vu to anyone?  Probably because this isn’t the first time Harley-Davidson has sued Urban...
trademark fraud

Fraudulent Trademark Solicitations Roundtable – July 26, 2017

The United States Patent and Trademark Office announced that on July 26, 2017 the Trademark Organization and the Trademark Public Advisory Committee plan to hold...

Apple announces iPhone 4, uses iOS and FACETIME trademarks for new iPhone

Today is an interesting and memorable day for FaceTime. Earlier, Apple introduced their next generation iPhone and announced that it will use "FaceTime" as the trademark for its new video calling application...Our agreement with Apple to transfer the FaceTime trademark to them comes as we are rebranding our company to better reflect our capabilities.

Trademark News – Recently Filed Trademarks

    Trademarkia just published the most recently filed trademarks. See the list below including BRAINSTREAM, UNLOCK HOME and HOP NINJA. If you are looking to...

Teal Pumpkins and IP

It’s mid-October, which means the season of teal pumpkins is upon us! We know what you’re thinking – pumpkins are orange, not teal. And while...

PETA Claims That A Monkey Owns The Copyright For This Selfie

This animal rights organization isn't monkeying around. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has filed a federal lawsuit pushing for a monkey to receive the...

Apple receives refusal for its Trademark Applications “OPENCL”

The OPENCL trademark application filed under number 77844718 (black and white logo) also received its second Office Action Letter from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

‘Winking’ Could Be The Future of Online Purchase Authentication

Amazon earlier this month filed a patent application to enhance security when making online purchases by using a selfie and a wink. The patent application...
USPTO Fee Increase

USPTO Trademark Fee Increase

Important Trademark News:  If you need a trademark, you may want to file before January 14, 2017.  USPTO fees are going up. On January 14,...

Ford Earns Patent For A Movie Theater in Your Car

Ford Motor Co. recently earned a patent for tech that would allow passengers to watch movies from the windshield of their car - the tech...
Disney Trademark Oppositions

Big Mouse in the House: Disney Trademark Oppositions

Hiya, pal! Good to see ya! Walt Disney has undeniably created some of the most iconic fictional characters of today.  (Dare I say ever?)...

Netflix’s Qwikster Quickly Stirs Up Competition

On Monday, September 19, 2011 Netflix Inc. applied for trademark protection on the name and logo of their new company, Qwikster. The applications were...

Googling a word?

Google in bid to boost business and revamp its outreach to small and medium business owners; announced a set of new ads that would allow merchants and traders to list their businesses under the new Google places. This was its previous local business center that has got a new, revised look from Google.

Top Trademark Attorneys

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) is a government agency and a branch in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The primary role...
Star Wars suing

Litigious One You Are Lucasfilm

On December 16, 2016 Disney is releasing a new Star Wars film titled "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”   While this movie is not...
Patent Star Wars

Star Wars and Patents

The number of patents that Lucasfilm owns makes them an impressive FORCE (bad pun intended) in intellectual property.  They have filed a lot of...

Amazon files trademark applications for mark “AMAZON CROSSING”

The next application bearing serial number - 85043858 was seen filed with description, "Fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of topics; general feature magazines; newspapers on a variety of topics; newspapers and photographs of general interest; journals, periodicals, and newsletters on a variety of topics. " Both these applications were filed in different categories of goods - the former under the category of Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products and the latter under; Paper Goods and Printed Material.

Stefano Gabbana’s Knock-Off Frenzy on Instagram

Stefano Gabbana, co-owner of  the high-fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana, posted five consecutive Instagram posts of  potential trademark infringers just yesterday. Potential infringers include: "Dance...

Warner Bros files Trademark Applications for “SCRIBBLENAUTS”

The other applications for the same mark "SCRIBBLENAUTS" were filed under Clothing for men, women and children bearing serial number 85043160, another filed under Toys and sporting goods assigned serial number 85043164

Bacardi fights to the finish for Havana Club rum

Bacardi recently filed a trademark application bearing the registration number 77962118 with the description, Alcoholic beverages, namely, vodka, vodka specialty drinks, flavored vodkas and low-alcoholic vodka-based beverages.