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Netflix’s Qwikster Quickly Stirs Up Competition

On Monday, September 19, 2011 Netflix Inc. applied for trademark protection on the name and logo of their new company, Qwikster. The applications were...

Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D Facing Trademark Lawsuit Over Stage Name

HollywoodNews.com: ‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D is in a little bit of hot water when it comes to his DJ name and persona. Pauly D is facing...

Facebook files for facepile

Facebook has yet again filed another trademark application for a mark name related to 'Face'. On March 8th, 2011 Facebook Inc filed to protect...

How the west was won U of South Carolina vs. U of Southern California

13 years in the making  trademark battle ends as the high court lets stand a ruling that the ‘SC’ logo trademark belongs to the...

Nivea Lip Care No More

Do we see a new name for Nivea lip balms this year? What happened to making "...2010 a Year of Love, Hugs and Kisses"?

Wells Fargo receives Final Refusal to Trademark Application for “TREASURY ONLINE PLUS”

Wells Fargo received the USPTO's final answer on registering the mark "TREASURY ONLINE PLUS". The mark has been refused on grounds of indefinite wordings stated for the description of goods and services used for the mark. Apart from this the Examining Attorney also found that an addition of a class of goods and services may also be required by the applicant in this case Wells Fargo.

Apple abandons Trademark Registration of “SCANTEST”

Amidst Apple's announcements of iPhone 4, Facetime and the new iOS trademark acquisitions, comes the news that Apple has let go the mark "SCANTEST" registered on 10/31/1989 and assigned the registration number 1563120.

Apple announces iPhone 4, uses iOS and FACETIME trademarks for new iPhone

Today is an interesting and memorable day for FaceTime. Earlier, Apple introduced their next generation iPhone and announced that it will use "FaceTime" as the trademark for its new video calling application...Our agreement with Apple to transfer the FaceTime trademark to them comes as we are rebranding our company to better reflect our capabilities.

Bank of America is refused Trademark Application for “ART IN OUR COMMUNITIES”

Bank of America has now received the first Office Action for the Trademark Application "ART IN OUR COMMUNITIES" bearing serial number 85007327. A descriptive mark is often issued a Section 2(e)(1) refusal as the applied-for mark merely describes a feature or function of applicant’s services.

AUDI AG receives rejection for Trademark Application “E-TRON”

udi AG which filed a Trademark Application for the mark, "E-TRON" for its super electric car has received an Office Action Letter from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb receives First Refusals for “Bristol-Myers Squibb Company” among others

Bristol-Meyers Squibb received Office Action Letters for the marks, "MY NULOJIX NETWORK" bearing trademark serial number of 77968613; "BELOW" assigned the trademark serial number of 78940914, "BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB" assigned the trademark serial number of 77950600.

Cisco files Trademark Application “CISCO FOCALPOINT”

In light of this new trademark application, it appears Cisco has plans in the pipeline to develop a video sharing network as well. Can we expect that announcement by the quarter's end?

Warner Bros files Trademark Applications for “SCRIBBLENAUTS”

The other applications for the same mark "SCRIBBLENAUTS" were filed under Clothing for men, women and children bearing serial number 85043160, another filed under Toys and sporting goods assigned serial number 85043164

Apple abandons Trademark filings of “VISUAL ALMANAC”, “MPW” and “TOKENTALK”

The application of VISUAL ALMANAC filed with number 73755058 was cancelled on grounds of section 8 thus leaving it open to the majority of the public to use the mark for their goods or services.

Apple receives refusal for its Trademark Applications “OPENCL”

The OPENCL trademark application filed under number 77844718 (black and white logo) also received its second Office Action Letter from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Wrigley Co. abandons Trademark Application “5”

Wrigley Co has abandoned as many as 4 Trademark Applications on May 24th 2010. The applications are for the marks, "5" bearing serial number 78947186 filed with description Confectionery, namely, chewing gum, bubble gum, candy and candy mints.

WWE files Trademark Application for INSIDE OUT

All the applications bearing serial numbers 85043693, 85043763, 85043954, 85043967, and 85043974 were filed with descriptions as diverse as production and distribution of motion pictures to Toy action figures and accessories to Hangtags and even Clothing, namely, tops, jackets, bottoms, underwear, pajamas!

Xerox Corporation abandons Trademark Application for “722 SOLUTION”

Xerox Corporation has abandoned its trademark application for the mark, "722 SOLUTION" bearing serial number 77700669. This application was filed with the description, "Laser printers, computer printers, inkjet printers."

Nestle abandons Trademark Application “ENVIGA”

The trademark application for "ENVIGA" bearing serial number 77001299 is being abandoned citing reason of cancellation under section 8. The application was filed with the description of Tea, tea extracts in the nature of flavorings of tea, beverages made of tea; iced tea

Abbott Laboratories files Trademark application for “THE GET-BACK PROGRAM”

n the other hand, Abbott Labs also abandoned its trademark application " GLUCERNA SMART & STEADY" bearing serial number, 77116329, on the grounds of statement of use not being filed.

Amazon files trademark applications for mark “AMAZON CROSSING”

The next application bearing serial number - 85043858 was seen filed with description, "Fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of topics; general feature magazines; newspapers on a variety of topics; newspapers and photographs of general interest; journals, periodicals, and newsletters on a variety of topics. " Both these applications were filed in different categories of goods - the former under the category of Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products and the latter under; Paper Goods and Printed Material.

Bank of America files “MOREHELP2” trademark

The TEAS application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the description, "Financial services, namely, insurance agency and brokerage services, real estate financing services, real estate investment services, real estate management services, real estate agency and brokerage services, security and commodity brokerage and dealing services, underwriting mortgage lending, investment banking, mortgage banking, financial management services and financial advisory services, namely, financial analysis and consultation." The serial number assigned to it is 85043528 under the USPTO records.

Bank of America files “Advisor Alliance” trademark

The TEAS Plus application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the description, "Financial administration of retirement plans; Financial planning for retirement; Financial portfolio management; Investment advice. " under the category of Insurance and Financial Services. The mark was filed as an Intent to Use Application so quite likely that one may notice a certain service by name of this mark being rolled out in the near future.

Advance Magazine abandons trademarks, “SNEAK IT IN” and “OMBUDSMAN”

The application for the mark, "SNEAK IT IN" bearing US serial number 76668327 was filed with the description - Cookbooks and newsletters concerning cooking and nutrition.

Zynga and Facebook sign Pact for 5 years

Zynga Networks has filed a trademark application on May 12th which was assigned the serial number - 85037169. This application was filed with description as noted here, "Computer game software; video game programs; and computer software platforms for social networking; interactive video game programs; downloadable electronic game programs and computer software platforms for social networking that may be accessed via the internet, computers and wireless devices; computer software to enable uploading, posting, showing, displaying, tagging, blogging, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information in the fields of virtual communities...."

Apple files for trademark protection for Retail Outlet

The trademark applications with serial numbers 85036990 and 85036986 were filed for two sketches - one in full color and the other in black and white with the description, "Retail store services featuring computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, consumer electronics and related accessories, and demonstration of products relating thereto."

YAHOO! abandons BRAVONATION trademark

When a trademark application is filed as an Intent to Use application, then once the Examining Attorney approves the mark for publication, the applicant would need to file an Amendment to Allege Use and in the absence of such Amendment the applicant would need to file a Statement of Use in which the applicant swears to an oath that he/she is actually using the trademark in interstate commerce in connection with the goods and services originally filed for.

Apple ‘s trademark application for iTUNES DOWNLOAD receives refusal

Apple's mark "TUESDAY 9" is yet to be assigned to an examiner for review. The mark "TUESDAY 9" was filed by Computer software for personal information management, data synchronization and sharing, automated reminders, and event scheduling and was assigned the serial number 85033749.

Apple Files Trademark Application for iTunes Kit

The "TUNEKIT" application has been assigned the serial number - 85031150 and was filed with the description; Computer software to enable users to program and distribute audio, video, text and other multimedia content via communications networks.

EA reveals Online Pass System

The marks of "DARKSPORE" have 4 applications with serial numbers of 85028521, 85028524, 85028528, 85028531. These applications were all filed by Vineeta Gajwani listed correspondent contact of Electronic Arts Inc., in the classes of goods and services of Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; Action figures; Board games; Hand held units; also, Caps; Jackets; and finally, Computer game software respectively.

Apple files trademark application for IPOD and IPAD

President Obama is not a big fan of the impact of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. His main worry are the superficialities that are engendered by gadgets. As quoted by the President and reported by AFP, he states, "With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations--none of which I know how to work--information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation,".

Honda is refused the Easy Dock Steering Trademark

Thus, the Trademark office has enquired of Honda to submit a substitute specimen showing the mark in use in commerce for each class of goods and/or services specified in the application; and a statement that says " The substitute specimen was in use in commerce at least as early as the filing date of the application", verified with an affidavit or signed declaration under 37 C.F.R. §2.20.

Apple files iTunes Live Trademark

Coming back to the mark of “iTunes Live” (see image up top) the application was filed under two separate classes with the following descriptions; - Online retail store services in the field of entertainment featuring prerecorded musical, audio and audiovisual content - Entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting of concerts and live musical performances.

APPLE files for Trademarks for Applications of IPAD and IPHONE

The application for the mark, MADE FOR IPHONE bearing trademark serial number of 85025627, filed with description; Full line of electronic and mechanical parts and fittings for mobile phones and portable and handheld digital electronic devices for recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing text, data, audio and video files; electronic docking stations; stands specially designed for holding mobile phones and portable and handheld digital electronic devices; battery chargers; battery packs.

The WWE Protects Its Champs- The Nexus Between Wrestling And Trademarks

On Tuesday, April 27, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 85024299 was filed for DARREN YOUNG by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. with the description Entertainment services, namely wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; entertainment services, namely wrestling competitor on an on-going reality based television program; providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network.


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