As it is ideal for your brand to be on trend, it is important to stay up to date with the latest innovations in logo design. For this reason, we have collected the hottest logo design predictions for you in 2017!  So you can say you heard it first, read about the latest and greatest in logo design here:
  1. Minimalism

    Lawinspiring Snapchat

Minimalism is a design style that centers around form simplification. Minimalist logos are also to the point and very intentional. This branding trend will be popular in 2017 due to the ever-growing importance of mobile.
“By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending.” – Marketing Land.
In the mobile space, brands are competing to catch their customer’s attention as they scroll through their digital feeds. Minimalist logos do well on mobile as they often catch the eye.
  1. Hand-Written Logos

Lawinspiring Lumi

There is nothing more warm and authentic than the personal touch of a handwritten letter. It is no surprise that hand-drawn logos tend to bear a rich authenticity to them. Hand-drawn logos also naturally have character and personality.
As human-centered design is becoming more and more popular, this logo design trend is destined to take off in 2017.
“People ignore design that ignores people.”  – Frank Chimero
  1. Animated Logos

    Lawinspiring Google

Quite possibly our favorite brand evolution is the up-and-coming age of animated logos. The main reason this trend will be hot this coming year is because brands are beginning to integrate video into their branding and marketing strategies. Rightfully so since the popularity of video is rapidly increasing.
80% of internet traffic will be video by 2020.”  – Cisco
We are excited to see more minimalist, hand-written and animated logos this coming year! What do you predict as a logo design trend for 2017?
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