2014 Trademark Opposition


Imagine a small business happily and peacefully using its registered trademark.  No one bothers this small business because they are using their trademark within the bounds of trademark law. One day, a trademark bully feels threatened by the smaller business and sends a threat of litigation requesting the small business stops using the trademark. Out of fear, the small businesses ceases operations and stops using the trademark because they don’t want to embark on a potentially expensive legal battle.

As a little fish in a big pond, just like this small business competing with larger corporations… it’s a tough life, especially if their happens to be sharks in  the water… a.k.a trademark bullies.  So if your the little minnow, watch out for these sharks and remember you may not be in the wrong even though those teeth can be gnarly and scary indeed. Consult with a trademark lawyer before you get consumed with fear by any big trademark bully.

Trademarkia.com just published the top 25 biggest trademark bullies of 2015 to watch out for. The biggest trademark bully, “Monster Energy Company” opposed more than 60 US trademark applications. See the list below:


  1. Monster Energy Company
  2. Duke University
  3. Under Armour
  4. Deutsche Telekom
  5. Wolters Kluwer US Corsearch
  6. 3M Company
  7. Beats Electronics,
  8. Citigroup
  9. Threshold Enterprises
  10. Facebook


See the rest of the list here 

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