The Color Of Your Logo Says A Lot About Your Business


About 62%-90% of a customer’s judgment about your logo is based on color, according to a study titled, Impact of color in marketing. The reason for this is that color happens to have  a strong psychological impact that affects our reasoning skills. Color can actually trigger specific emotions and associations within us which can impact us in our decision making process. For example, the color red can ignite excitement while the color blue may instill trust. See how color can affect your customer’s interpretation of your brand so you can confidently choose the best color for your logo designs.

Red Logo

The color red has been proven to raise blood pressure as well as stimulate the senses. So use this color for your logo if you intend to invigorate your customer’s passion, energy or aggression.

Orange Logo

With an orange logo, customers will opt for your brand because they will think of your company as being innovative and creative. Among these characteristics, you can also imply youth, fun, affordability as well as approachability.

Yellow Logo

Choose a yellow logo if you are hoping to bring a smile to your customer’s face. Often referred to as the color of the sun, yellow allows logos to come off as warm, friendly and optimistic. Take caution though because this color also implies cowardice and betrayal.

Green Logo  

If your company is a health nut, go for a green logo in order to emphasize that your company is natural and ethical as green implies growth, health and freshness. Of course, green is also the color of money so financial institutions may choose this color for their logo design as well.



Blue Logo

A blue logo can make your business appear trustworthy.  This is a popular reason why many companies choose this color for their branding. Another reason why blue is a popular go to for logo designs is because this specific hue implies professionalism, seriousness, integrity and calm.

Purple Logo

This playful color should be used for your logo If your company is creative and imaginative. Along with this color’s artsy personality, this color also takes on traits of wisdom and royalty. This may be why many kings were known to wear purple robes.

Black Logo

A black logo represents pure sophistication. Use this color for expensive and powerful logos.

White logo

Although not technically considered a color, white is a good color for a business that wants to convey purity, naivety and cleanliness. Also, even if you decide on a colored logo, you may also want to trademark a white logo for when color printing is not an option.

Brown Logo

Brown is the color of dirt, the mountains and mud. For this reason, use this color for logos having to do with rural life, camping and the outdoors. Unlike colors like pink, this logo color is considered to be masculine.

Pink Logo 

This is a great color to flirt with if your product or startup is specifically targeting women. This color is associated with being fun, girly and flirty.

So what does your current logo color say about you? Is your business rugged brown, sophisticated black, optimistic yellow or flirty pink? Once you have decided, be sure to file a trademark protecting your logo. 


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