What The iPhone 6 May “Actually” Look Like – According To Patents Filed

Speculations have developed about the new iPhone 6 that portray the new phone to potentially look out of this world. Ideas range from floating phones to augmented reality and mind-reading technology.  With so many minds running wild about what the new iPhone 6 “could” look like, we decided to uncover the truth. Below, see what the iPhone 6 could “actually” look like according to patents filed by Apple with the USPTO ( United States Patent and Trademark Office ).

Interchangeable Camera Lens

 Interchangeable Camera Lens Patent

The days of carrying around heavy equipment to be a professional photographer may be over. According to a recent patent filed by Apple, the new iPhone 6 may become equipped with a removable case that you can easily attach multiple camera lenses to. This patent would make it possible to take beautiful, high-quality photographs using multiple filters such as fish-eye or wide angle.

Patents Filed:

  • Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options: Patent No. 8,638,369
  • Magnetic add-on lenses with alignment ridge: Patent No. 8,639,106

Curved display

Patent filed: Curved touch sensor

Apple is known for having user-experience at the top of their mind. The size of the phone is carefully measured to easily fit in your hand and accommodate hand gestures. The buttons and icons are designed with care, making the iPhone uniquely intuitive.  According to patents filed, a curved display may be in the near future. Will consumers be intrigued to find that the curved display will deliver a better experience? We won’t know until we actually get our hands on it.

Patents Filed:

Gradient Refractive Index Optics. The creatively-named GRIN camera will bend light right before it hits the camera’s lens.

Interactive Maps

Patent Filed: Interactive MapScreen Shot 2014-04-04 at 6.33.29 PM

Imagine one map that can help you navigate through an unknown area and also help you discover places you didn’t know you wanted to visit. Sounds like a crazy idea but according to Apple’s recent patent filing, it may be possible. The patent enables Apple Maps to consider multiple aspects of the current situation to deliver an intelligent route option. For instance, imagine it’s your lunch break and it happens to be a beautiful day, the map application would adjust according to the weather and rather than merely searching for restaurants the map will show the restaurants with patio seating. If you are looking to tour a new city, the map would adjust to show the top sights and tourist attractions. With this new technology, it appears a potential iOS 8 would make up for the trouble Apple Maps had in  2012.

Patents Filed:


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