WWE files Trademark Application for INSIDE OUT


World Wrestling Entertainment has filed as many as 5 trademark applications for the mark “INSIDE OUT”.


All the applications bearing serial numbers 85043693, 85043763, 85043954, 85043967, and 85043974 were filed with descriptions as diverse as  production and distribution of motion pictures to Toy action figures and accessories to Hangtags and even Clothing, namely, tops, jackets, bottoms, underwear, pajamas!


Apart from these recent applications WWE has filed for trademark protection of the term – “WWE ALL STARS” filed with the description of Video and computer game tapes, video and computer game discs, video and computer game cassettes, video and computer game cartridges, video and computer game CD-roms, video output game machines for use with televisions; video and computer game software; coin-fed amusement gaming machines; interactive video game programs and computer game cartridges; Interactive multimedia computer games on all platforms and bearing the serial number assigned as 85044158.

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