Nestle abandons Trademark Application “ENVIGA”


SOCIETE DES PRODUITS NESTLE, S.A. has abandoned the trademark application “ENVIGA” as recently as May 15, 2010.

The trademark application for “ENVIGA” bearing serial number 77001299 is being abandoned citing reason of cancellation under section 8. The application was filed with the description of Tea, tea extracts in the nature of flavorings of tea, beverages made of tea; iced tea; green tea; tea with fruit flavoring; tea syrups, tea extracts, essences and concentrates for making non-alcoholic beverages.  Looks like the tea advocating calorie burning didnt really make an impact on the markets.

Also being abandoned by Nestle is the mark “TENDER HARVEST” bearing serial number 75255564. This application was filed by Nestle for baby foods.

One wonders if Nestle does want to wrest away the tea market in Europe why abandon the mark “Enviga” as recent news reports suggest Nestle has embarked upon a plan to revolutionize the tea industry.

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