Amazon files trademark applications for mark “AMAZON CROSSING”

Amazon Crossing mark - as used on Site
Amazon Crossing mark – as used on Site

Amazon filed 4 trademark applications for the mark “AMAZON CROSSING” on May 24th 2010. These applications have been assigned the serial numbers of 85043856, 85043858, 85043859, and 85043860.

Amazon Crossing Mark as Filed
Amazon Crossing Mark as Filed

All the applications are for the standard character mark as depicted in the image above. The applications were filed in 4 different categories with 4 varying descriptions. Application bearing US Serial number 85043856 was filed with description “Downloadable audio works, visual works, audiovisual works, literary works, audio books, and electronic books on a variety of topics; electronic publications featuring images, photographs, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, and journals on a variety of topics.”

The next application bearing serial number – 85043858 was seen filed with description, “Fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of topics; general feature magazines; newspapers on a variety of topics; newspapers and photographs of general interest; journals, periodicals, and newsletters on a variety of topics. ” Both these applications were filed in different categories of goods – the former under the category of Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products and the latter under; Paper Goods and Printed Material.

This is following Amazon’s announcement of releasing AMAZON CROSSING as the second of its publishing imprints that would acquire exceptional works that deserve a wider, global audience. It will translate the works and introduce them to the English-speaking market through multiple channels and formats including the formats of Books Store, Amazon Kindle Store, and national and independent bookstores which explains the 4 trademark applications for the same mark being filed under 4 varied categories.
The first title being published by AmazonCrossing is Tierno Monénembo’s award-winning novel, “The King of Kahel,” which will be released for the first time in English for readers around the world on Nov. 2, 2010.

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