Apple files for trademark protection for Retail Outlet

As reported a day earlier by Patently Apple, and other news sources that include MacDaily and SlashGear, Apple has applied for trademark protection for the “Distinct Design and layout” of their retail stores that they have established since the year 2001.

APPLE color view of retail outlet
Color view of retail outlet
Black and White sketch
Black and White sketch

The trademark applications with serial numbers 85036990 and 85036986 were filed for two sketches – one in full color and the other in black and white with the description, “Retail store services featuring computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, consumer electronics and related accessories, and demonstration of products relating thereto.” (as shown in the images above)
As Google annouced its ambitious web expansion plans yesterday, Apple Inc., has filed for a trademark for a logo that features a cloud prominently on it.

Apple's Cloud Computing device?
Apple’s Cloud Computing device?

The application that bears serial number 85037005 for the mark (as shown here) was filed with the description,”Computer software for remotely accessing, storing, organizing, managing, modifying, and sharing user-provided data, text, images, video and audio.”


Mostly in connection with the above application and its use, Lisa G on behalf of Apple has also filed the following trademark application. This application assigned serial number 85036427 contains the following description, “Computer software for remote management of computer software for use in searching, browsing, reviewing, sampling, playing, purchasing, and downloading pre-recorded audio and video content. ”
Looks like Apple isnt too far behind in the cloud computing race between the big-wigs.

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