HP Networking announced


HP Networking Emerges
HP Networking Emerges

HP has announced a new HP Networking brand

which takes aim at rival Cisco’s  unified computing system. The Networking brand is the one under which it will offer an edge-to-core set of sub-brands: the A Series; E Series; V Series; and S Series products. The ProCurve and 3Com brands will go away.

In a webcast HP EVP and general manager for enterprise servers, storage and networking David Donatelli said that prior to the 3Com acquisition, HP is now offering a network edge-centric set of products.

The ProCurve brand will be transitioned into the E Series. The 3Com brand will be transitioned into the A Series, except in China where the H3C brand has done very well and will be retained.

Amidst the HP-Cisco wars heating up, HP filed for a trademark federal registration for the mark, “JETSTREAM” as recently as April 8, 2010 with the description; “Software as a service (SaaS) services featuring software in the field of air transportation.”

Another new application filed by HP has been the mark, HP TRUE VISION bearing serial number 77965716 and filed with the description of, interactive communications equipment over computer and telecommunication networks using Internet protocol, namely, telephones, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants, web cameras, radio transmitters and receivers; among others.

Not to be left behind, Cisco recently filed as many as 6 new trademark applications in the months of March and April. One of them was the application filed for the mark, CISCO UMI bearing serial number, 77969002 and description; “Telecommunication services; video and audio conferencing services; Internet services.”

Will the battle royale heat up? What will Cisco do to defend its position? Will the wars see an upsurge of trademark applications being filed by the conglomerates? Trademarkia will bring all this and more.

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