Legalzoom and EhealthInsurance’s partnership

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LZ Logo

Recently Legalzoom and EhealthInsurance announced a partnership where LZ customers could get free health insurance quotes, compare over 10,000 health insurance products from over 180 carriers nationwide, and purchase quality health insurance products at through an online, paperless process. In addition to it all, LegalZoom customers would also have access to a call center staffed with licensed health insurance agents for personal assistance.

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However, Legalzoom appears to have abandoned its recent trademark application filed in November of 2009. This application seems to be abandoned on the applicant (Legalzoom’s) express request as per the latest USPTO update. The mark contained the figure of a ice cube with the first aid kit sign of a plus on it bearing application number 77880320.

So will LZ be filing a word mark next? Only the next USPTO update can say.

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